Police complaint filed on Sri Reddy for prostitution

Vastavam web: Looks like Sri Reddy will be in trouble now. social activist Varahi has filed a police complaint against the actress Sri Reddy for blackmailing film personalities to extort money. She has been openly announcing that who has slept with her and what promises have been made Sometimes she has even given the explicit details of her sordid affairs. For that A complaint against controversial actress Sri reddy on the charges of prostitution and extortion of money by means of sexual allegations.

The complainant has written that Sri Reddy is a bad influence on the society. Also she has no shame in the way she is announcing the sordid details of her flings. This will have a bad influence on the Indian culture and also on the women in general. He further wrote that Sri reddy must be booked on charges of prostitution, trying to get money through sexual allegations, bringing black mark to the women and society. proper actions has to be taken against her, he added.