Tejaswi eliminated from Bigg Boss 2

Vastavam web: In a major twist, Tejaswi Madivada got eliminated from Bigg Boss 2 Telugu this weekend. It was Lakshmi Manchu who announced her name. Lakshmi Manchu is on the show to promote her current film ‘Wife of Ram’ on the show. Both Samrat and Tejaswi are in the list of nominations and audience were curious to see who will get evicted this week. As soon as Manchu Lakshmi announced it’s Tejaswi, who is getting evicted from house this week, Samrat is seen with tears in his eyes and through out episode, he was very emotional.

Nani also fired on social media (yet again) today for people trolling Tejaswi in abusive language on the net. He questioned those netizens, why so much hatred on Tejaswi. But after eviction, Tejaswi told she is happy because the game she expected is quite different from actual reality and she told it is not sufficient to ‘be myself’ in the house.