Movie Review: Wife Of Ram


OVERVIEW: Deeksha (Lakshmi Prasanna) is the wife of Ram (Samrat Reddy). Deeksha approaches the cops with a complaint regarding the murder of her husband. As the police fail to help Deeksha, she starts the investigation on her own and finds the murder connection with Rocky (Adarsh Balakrishna). Who is Rocky? What is his relationship with Ram’s murder? Why did Deeksha suspect Rocky? Forms the story of the film.

REVIEW: Manchu Lakshmi has done better with far worse. Here she just goes through the proceedings without conveying the real emotion or pain. Everything is merely on the surface level with no depth. The subject had a lot of scope, but she fails to leave a mark.

Priyadarshi gets major role and he is effective here. Adarsh Balakrishnan as villain and Samrat Reddy as Lakshmi’s hubby give dull performances. Krishna Srikanth Iyengar as police inspector is irritating.Adarsh Balakrishna is terrific as the baddie and does his role to perfection in the second half. It will be good to see him do such roles more as he has a lot of potential. The fact that the film does not get deviated with unnecessary commercial elements is good.

Vijay Yelakanti does a neat job in maintaining the suspense, but his direction lacks finesse. A script like Wife of Ram demands fast pace and slick look, but the lazy pacing and lackluster screenplay doesn’t let the film to overcome its weaknesses in spite of having an interesting premise.

Background music is not great but okay. Cinematography also is pretty standard. The cameraman’s obsession with red color tone keeps distracting the viewers. Editing is fine in the second half, but very poor in the first half. There’s nothing much to boast about the production quality. The film is made on a low budget and it is evident on screen.

Final veridict of the film is Wife of Ram is a passable murder mystery which has a superb twist in the end. The makers have tried to project-specific sequences which are mirror example of the atrocities happening against the woman in the society.Director Vijay Yelakanti sets an interesting premise for this thriller but the first half is a bit dull.