Did Tejaswi out from Bigg Boss 2?

Vastavam web: Bigg Boss Season-2 is moving on to the serious part of the competition gradually. The show has been making news headlines ever since it debuted but right now, the following of the show is at its peak stage. Many of the contestants have already become so famous that each one is finding big support. Currently the Show is facing issues of information leaking.

The episode of Sunday was shot yesterday. After her eviction from the house, one of the audience took selfie with her and posted it in internet and the pic went viral immediately. With this, no suspense in the episode now as everyone now knows who will be evicted this week.Couple of days back there was another leak in which votes polled for nominated candidates were revealed and as per that votes polled for Samrat were very less.

Season 1 was shot in Pune and so there were no leakage of info like this. However, as shooting is happening in Hyderabad now, this kind of things are happening and it is high time makers of the show need to focus on these #Bigboss leaks. Leaks are nothing new for Bigg Boss, this season, so let’s wait and see, Sunday’s episode.