Movie Review: Lover

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Raju (Raj Tarun) is a Car-Bike mechanic, he runs a own garage and living happily. His brother Jaggu (Rajiv Kanakala) met with accident, Raj injured in an attempt to save his brother from accident. Raju admits in a hospital, Raju falls in love with a malayalee nurse charitha (Riddhi).She also loves Raj, Oneday Charitha faces big trouble in hospital, she moves to kerala to protect herself from trouble. Raju follows her and save from villians.Rest of the stroy, What trouble faced Charitha in hospital, how Raju save Charitha from Villains to be seen on big screen only.

REVIEW: Raj Tarun is reliable and casually pulls off the lover role with ease. The many films he has done playing the same character helps in engaging onscreen, but there is also a feeling of repetitiveness which can’t be missed. In the action episodes, Raj Tarun is fine in comedy fights, but when it comes to serious ones the shortcoming feels obvious.

One film director Annish Krishna returns with a second one after a long gap. That too after he had scored a success. In his second attempt, he has taken a more routine subject and tried to present it as fresh as possible. However, it is not an easy ride for him.Riddhi Kumar looks lovely and is apt for a part that requires her to be the same. There is nothing to talk about acting chops. Apart from the hero, who hogs the entire limelight, it is Rajeev Kanakala who leaves a mark. It’s a routine character with a routine end, but the way the actor plays it makes it stand out. Sachin khedekar is wasted. Ajay and Subbaraju are alright. Praveen, Sathya and Satyam Rajesh are okay. The rest don’t have much to talk about.

The film has good cinematography with cinematographer Sameer Reddy showing his form. He has shot locations of Ananthapur, Gandikota (Kadapa district) and Alleppy beautifully.The film has music by different composers as each song is composed by a different music director and the songs are catchy. A music bit that keeps coming throughout is good.Editing is okay. Artwork is decent. Production values are neat.

Final verdict of the film is ‘Lover’ s the story we have been seeing in Telugu movies from a long time and nothing is new to rave about. This routine story is filled with an okay first half which runs with the premise of hero trying to win heroine’s heart in a very cinematic way.