No Support for Andhra Pradesh Special Category Status: TRS MP

Vastavam web: Spilling the beans, TRS MP Vinod said there is no help from the Pink Party to AP’s request of Special Category Status. Vinod said TRS would bolster just the guarantees that were made to AP in the AP Reorganization Act. According Special Status for AP would hurt neighboring states. He noted that Jayalalithaa had written a letter to Modi opposing Special Category Status to AP over the same reason.

Vinod also recalled that Siddharamaiah had raised objection against SCS to AP. Vinod went onto set the record that TRS won’t support the AP’s demand for Special Category Status.

Telanganites are ready to support Andhra when it comes to AP Reorgansation Act 2014 as it’s beneficial for them as well but doesn’t want the neighboring state to receive Special Category Status. This is in spite of the way that KCR’s own particular little girl and Nizamabad MP Kavitha has transparently sponsored AP’s interest for the Special Category Status. In the interim, Karimnagar MP said that the verbal confrontation on TDP’s No-Confidence Motion would be used by TRS for the upside of the Telangana state including that the Center hasn’t stayed faithful to its commitments made to the Telangana. He said TRS would feature its focuses amid the dialog over the No-Confidence Motion in parliament.

Discussing TDP’s ask for to TRS to help their No-Confidence Motion, Vinod said it is “good for nothing”. Vinod said TDP and BJP were partners for a long time and they have isolated when their ties were disjoined. Prior, the TRS MPs had remarked that TDP pioneers have not talked about with them while moving the No-Confidence Motion against Modi government in the past session of the parliament.

TRS floor leader in Lok Sabha Jithender Reddy said supporting the No-Trust Motion by TDP would cause damage to Telangana state as the state needs the support of the Centre and the Union Ministers. Vinod also opined that the No-Confidence Motion moved by the TDP may not come up to Voting Stage and it may only end up in the discussion stage.