Will Chandrababu Follow Vundavalli advice?

Vastavam web: The sudden visit of former Congress MP from Rajahmundry Vundavalli Arun Kumar to the Andhra Pradesh secretariat at Velagapudi on Monday to meet chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has raised many eyebrows. Vundavalli is understood to have gone to Secretariat to meet Naidu on an invitation from Chief Minister’s Office to discuss a proposal put forth by him a few days ago. Apparently, Naidu liked the proposal and invited Vundavalli to discuss the same and seek his advice.

Vundavalli said the TDP has now got an excellent opportunity corner the Modi government in Lok Sabha, as the PM himself admitted that the bifurcation was not done properly. “Since the monsoon session is perhaps going to be the last session, the TDP can demand a debate in the House on the way the bifurcation bill was passed in Lok Sabha in 2014,” he told Naidu. The former MP handed over all the evidences he had with him to prove that the bifurcation bill was not passed as per the Constitutional norms. Now, it is not immediately known what Naidu’s reaction was, but since he himself had called Vundavalli to discuss the issue, he might definitely consider it. In any case, Naidu also has been shouting from roof tops all these days that the state was bifurcated in an unscientific manner. So, this is a golden opportunity for him.