Jabardasth Hari arrested in Red Sandal Smuggling Case

Vastavam web: Hari, who acted as small artist in some TV serials and became popular in ETV comedy show “Jabardasth “, surrendered to Task force police yesterday. According to cops, Hari developed contacts with small smugglers and then expanded his smuggling business dealing with top smugglers in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Investigations proved that Hari earned crores in shorttime with red sandalwood smuggling by cutting the red sandalwood trees in Seshachalam hills with woodcuttres and exporting them to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

There were rumours that he has given finance to makers of “Shambho Shankara” movie, which was also incidentally starring another Jabardasth fame, Shakalaka Shankar. After these rumours, police also started looking into his activities seriously and filed cases on him. Finally he surrendered to police. Already police filed 20 cases against Hari and it is coming out that two more actors are involved in the sandalwood smuggling. Police revealed that they lured even unemployed, students and others into smuggling.