Movie Review: Chinna Babu

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: Chinna Babu (Karthi) is the son of a rich farmer (Sathya Raj) who also takes up farming as his profession much to the delight of his father. His father has two wives and five daughters. His father’s aim is to get a picture of his large family altogether.

Chinna Babu too is a family man and does anything for his uncles, aunts and other relatives. The family wishes him to marry one of his two nieces.However, he falls in love with another girl (Sayyeshaa) and this leads to misunderstanding among the family members and the uncles and aunts start distancing away from him.

REVIEW: At the outset, Karthi starrer “Chinna Babu” gives an impression that it is about farmers and their lives but this is actually a family drama set in rural backdrop. The family sentiments, the troubles in the family, the petty ego clashes among relatives, two nieces pining hopes on their “mamayya” to marry them. All these done and dusted sequences are packaged in new cans with a dose of humor.

Telugu cinema has largely moved on from this genre long time ago. Such films were common feature in the 90’s. Many episodes that are shown in this film still happen in rural areas in Telugu states but “TV serial” sentiment scenes are not accepted by the current generation and filmmakers have also stopped making them though occasionally we see “Shatamanam Bhavati” kind of family dramas.

Karthi is brilliant as the village born and bred farmer. His transformation from city based characters to a rural character is amazing. His performance in emotional scenes is the highlight of Chinna Babu. Satyaraj is very impressive in an emotional yet entertaining character. Soori as Karthi’s sidekick provide good dose of humor throughout the movie. Bhanu Priya, Ponvannan and others are aptly cast in their respective roles. ‘Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gadha’ fame Shatru is impressive as the bad guy.

Pandiraj and his team have made a technically sound film. Lush green fields and the red soil roads are a delight to watch. Cinematography is the biggest asset of the film. A couple of songs by Imman are melodious. Background score also is impressive. Editor should have trimmed down the dragging parts in the second half. Production values are top notch. The film is visually very rich. Drama part has been handled well by the director. However, a shallow script with zero novelty turns out to be its biggest weakness.

Final verdict of the film is Chinna Babu is the same old village family drama which belongs to the early 90’s. The makers have tried to revamp the setup by adding some contemporary touch to the script. Emotions wise, the film works well in the first half but the second half gets over dramatic.