Movie Review: Vijetha

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Srinivasa Rao (Murli Sharma) is a hopeful father who left his passion in his youth for his family obligations. He wants to give everything his son want and make him happy and guide him to pursue his passion. Ram (Kalyaan Dev) is his son who doesn’t do any work and lives on his father. In addition to that, Ram falls for Chaitra, a techie (Malavika Nair). His father helps him set up a business to pursue his passion and they get an unexpected problem in their family and Srinivasa Rao gets to know the recklessness of his son. What is that problem? Does Ram pursue his passion? Rest of the story runs in answering these questions.

REVIEW: Director Rakesh Shashi has written a good story but was unable to turn it into a good screenplay. Nowhere could we sense any innovative scene. The movie was filled up with the same old emotions and scenes and there isn’t a moment that attracts the audience… which is the reason why the audience won’t get excited at any point. It shows that Rakesh has failed as a director.

Kalyaan Dhev has no screen presence as a hero. It indirectly helps in the role though as it’s that of a boy next door. The dialogue delivery is fine, but it reminds us of a certain Manchu Vishnu. Unfortunately, that’s the only positive that can be said about Kalyaan Dhev. The actual content of the film helps a lot in covering his flaws, but one can still see through that during the crucial moments where Kalyaan appears blank without emotions.

Murali Sharma is the backbone of the film. As a caring middle-class father, he is excellent in his role. Murali Sharma brings lot of earnestness in many routine scenes.Tanikella as Murali Sharma’s friend is good too. Malavika Nair has nothing much to do in the film. Satyam Rajesh’s comedy is okay. The friends gang has done regular job.

Songs composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar who did background score for Arjun Reddy are good. He did a fine work in composing background score. Cinematography by Senthil Kumar is nice. He had given delightful visuals. Editing is fine and could have been better to make the movie more racy. Production values of Vaarahi Chalana Chitram are rich.

Final verdict of the film is Vijetha is the story of a father and son with a good underlying message. Kalyan Dhev makes a decent debut and if he chooses his project well, things look good for him.Though he’s the hero of the film, the real ‘Vijetha’ is Murali Sharma who walks away all the laurels.