Movie Review: Pantham

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW:Jayendra aka Nayak (Sampath Raj) is a corrupted home minister in the state who does the scams by diverting the government funds that are granted in the form of ex-gratia to the victims of the bomb blasts. All of a sudden, he loses money in theft and realizes someone is behind this and doing on a purpose.
Who is behind this? What is that purpose? Forms the story of the movie.

REVIEW: Gopichand is back to doing what he does best in Pantham. He plays his role with ease as it is bread and butter for him. Regarding a memorable scene or moment, it comes during the climax court room sequence. Although, that too is nothing out of the world, it is the best out there. The biggest positive for Gopichand in the movie is his overall look, he has been presented really well.

Mehreen plays yet another routine regular heroine’s role. Prudhvi’s comedy as Vadakam Rao is stale.Srinivasa Reddy and Gopichand’s ‘ding ding’ mannerism is cheap imitation of Ravi Teja and Srinivasa Reddy’s act in ‘Raja The Great’.Sampath as main villain is not very impressive. Jayaprakash Reddy, Rallapalli and others are okay.

K Chakravarthy wrote the film. He has written the story of the movie. Bobby Kolli is the screenplay writer while Ramesh Reddy has written the HR dialogues.The entire writing department has worked well and came out with a decent product. Everyone has done their best and showcased a better skill in writing.The story is excellent and the screenplay is also compelling.

Music director Gopi Sundar songs did not suit masses. Especially for the ‘Desam antE matti kodoy ‘song, audience were heard laughing at it. Mr. Prasad Murella cinematography is nice. Producer KK Radha mohan has spent lavish, production values are good.

Final verdict of the film is ‘Pantham’ movie is a routine mass flick with infused social message. However, many scenes are cliched and songs are another weak point. Being a 25th film for hero Gopichand, it could have been better.