I’m more than a ‘comedy actress’: Alison Brie

Vastavam web: “GLOW” actor Alison Brie believes she has been unfairly tagged as a “comedy actress” and says there is a lot more to her.The 35-year-old actor says though she loves the comedy genre, a lot of her potential is still “untapped”.”If you need a headline, (this) would be the headline of my life: ‘There’s a Lot More Going on Than People Think.’ The biggest misconception across the board is that I’m a comedy actress, and it drives me crazy.

“Which is weird because I don’t want to begrudge that title in a way that implies I hate the genre. I don’t. I love it! But, to me, there’s more to me. There’s untapped resources you guys don’t even know about,” Brie told Fashion magazine.”I almost can’t even define why, but certain things you just read and you’re like, this is my role.