‘Doctor Strange’ sequel will definitely happen: Kevin Feige

Vastavam web: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has revealed they have definitive plans to make a sequel to its 2016 superhero smash-hit film “Doctor Strange”.In an interview with Cinemablend, Feige was asked about the steps its character’s have taken and will take in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

“Sometimes it’s where do those characters pop up? (Doctor) Strange, you know, whenever we do another Strange one, which we will do, it will be a number of years from the first Strange, and yet he’s a very big part of Infinity War,” Feige said.Citing the example of “Thor: Ragnarok”, Feige said though making a solo outing for a character is a lengthy process, they can still appear in other films in the shared universe.

“How many years between movies can you have? You know, ‘Ragnarok’ was four years. There’s four years between, right? He had an appearance in between there. So that seems to be maybe okay. Sometimes, though, you want it to be less. Sometimes, it can be more,” he said.