Nepal government to enforce strict monitoring of foreigners on its land

Vastavam web: The Nepal government has endorsed a new guideline to enforce strict monitoring of foreigners living in the country, with provisions that those staying illegally or misusing their visa could be arrested. The Home Ministry has endorsed the Foreign Citizens Monitoring Guideline amid reports that some foreigners on tourist visa have taken up jobs with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), international organisations and even opened their own businesses.

One of the major objectives of the guideline is to ensure that foreigners visiting Nepal abide by visa rules and do not indulge in illegal activities, according to Home Ministry sources. It states that if anybody is found obstructing the government’s monitoring, that person can be arrested and action taken against them.

Foreigners will be monitored keeping in mind national security, peace and security, good governance, protection of boundary and the rule of law, it adds. Another important objective of the guideline is to regulate and control the entry of foreigners. The guideline proposes to set up mechanisms at different levels to monitor activities of foreigners in the country. Three-tier monitoring committees – District Monitoring Committee, Central Monitoring Directives Committee and Monitoring and Implementation Committee — will be in place for the work.