Indian Bharatanatyam exponents to make history at UNESCO headquarters

Vastavam web: One of India’s leading Bharatanatyam exponents and research scholars, Bala Devi Chandrashekhar, is set to make history at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris with her performance.Chandrashekhar will perform her latest production, ‘Brihadeeswara Form to Formless: through the eyes of Devaradiyal’, before a worldwide audience tomorrow.

Her performance would be set against the backdrop of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage site Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.”My performance at UNESCO is a very rare one. For Bharatanatyam to be presented to over 100 delegates from many countries in addition to the French fans, will pique their interest in India’s ancient structures and improve understanding of our country and culture,” Chandrashekhar said on the eve of her performance in France.

“All ancient texts from our region have messages that are very relevant in today’s world. My mission is take on topics and present them to diverse audience across the world,” she said.The award-winning Bharatanatyam exponent and teacher said she hopes to present ‘Brihadeeswara’ across other major museums and ancient structures around the globe, with the aim of improving collaboration and partnership of diverse cultures.