Movie Review: Jamba Lakidi Pamba


OVERVIEW: Varun (Srinivasa Reddy) and Pallavi (Siddhi Idhnani) are married couple who are unhappy with themselves. Varun thinks that her wife is the one who always create problems and don’t let them stay peaceful and Pallavi thinks Varun is having an affair with his colleague and that’s why he is not keeping her happy. They both decide to end their relationship by taking divorce and they approach Harischandra Prasad (Posani Krishna Murali) who takes up their case as his 100th one as he had helped 99 couple get divorced. As time passes, he dies in a road accident and he comes as a soul to rectify his mistakes of helping couple get divorced by settling the issue between Varun and Pallavi. How Harischandra Prasad makes it happen? Do Varun and Pallavi stay together?

REVIEW: Srinivas Reddy who is known for his hilarious acts, this time however failed to tickle the bones with his antics. He just passed through the motions in his role which lacked the fire power to attract the viewers. He looked routine in his antics as a male and also as a female in his expressions.

Siddhi Idnani who made her debut with this film, looked good. She got a good role and tried to do full justice. Though she attracted with her body language, she failed with her lip sync. She is OK with her expressions and much to the surprise of all ,she even enacts stunts.

Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore’s comedy did not work out. Others like Tanikella Bharani, Satyam Rajesh, Dhanraj, Raghu Babu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar, Hariteja, Sudha got limited roles to show their talent.

Gopi Sundar’s music is decent as two songs have been composed well. But sadly, they come in as speed breakers. The film needs serious editing as close to 15 minutes can be easily trimmed right away. Dialogues are fun and so was the production design. Camera work is good but the production values are just about okay.

Coming to the director Murali, he once again disappoints with his second film. He has chosen a decent line as his story but he has failed to evoke basic laughs in the film. Just by having A-list comedians things do not work all the time and the same happens with his direction in Jamba Lakidi Pamba which goes for a toss.

Final verdict of the film is ‘Jamba Lakidi Pamba’ came with a very weak story to impress the audiences.The director failed miserably with his story, screenplay and direction. J.B. Murali Krishna concentrated only on comedy scenes and that too did not create any impact.