Hindi dubbing rights for Ravi Teja film bought for lesser price

Vastavam web: After a disaster like ‘Nela Ticket’, the Hindi dubbing rights of seasoned star Ravi Teja’s next untitled film, the remake of Tamil blockbuster ‘Theri’, has been bought for a lesser price. Theri’ has been bought for Rs 6 crore which is a big fall considering his previous movies. Even though Ravi Teja’s last film ‘Nela Ticket’ was sold for a fancy price of Rs 12 crore, which is more than the Telugu satellite rights of the film, but now, his ratings are falling across north India. “Failure of star films impacts the business prospects of his subsequent films which is similar to the fall witnessed in theatrical rates in the two Telugu states after a disaster.Being an action star, Hindi small screen viewers are watching his films with lot of interest. Even then, a flop here and there is bound to affect the star’s ratings,” he concludes.