Sanjay Dutt should have played last portions in story: Salman Khan

Vastavam web: Salman Khan has seen the trailer of “Sanju”, a biopic on friend Sanjay Dutt’s life, but believes the actor should have been a part of his story, particulary in the last portions.Ranbir Kapoor has played Dutt’s role in the film, that chronicles his life from his young years to his life after jail.”For ‘Sanju’, I was thinking why is somebody else playing this bit? The last 8-10 years. you cannot do justice to that. Sanju should have played the last bit,” Salman said in a group interview here. Asked if he is fine with a biopic on his life, Salman said,”No.” When prodded further about an autobiography, Salman said, “No. I anyway say things openly… But I don’t want to do it.”