Movie Review: Kaala

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: Dharavi slum area in Mumbai is under threat of being ransacked as a political leader Hari Dada (Nana Patekar) has grandiose plans to build a huge residential project as part of his Pure Mumbai plan. He plans to make the city clean and pure sans slums.Karikaala aka Kaala opposes his plan. When Hari Dada sees Kala has become stumbling block to his plans, he hatches plan to kill him.Karikaala unleashes an agitation against the kabzaa of Dharavi land.

REVIEW: Kaala starts off slowly in a realistic movie format, gains momentum as it moves forward. Rajini gets introduced in a casual manner. He protects Dharavi city from land mafia and powerful men. As things turn to evacuation moves, Kaala rebels on the Hari dada men. The love track between Huma and Rajini is good, the dinner scene stands out. The bonding between Kaala and his wife also been dealt good. Though story wise it doesn’t make much progress in first half, ends in engaging manner.

Second half is more Hari Dada, Kaala’s series of confrontation scenes written in engaging manner. There are a number of confrontations scenes been Dharvi denizens and Hari Baba’s men. However, this becomes a bit repetitive in the second half and might not connect well especially with telugu audience. After a few highlight scenes in the second half, movie goes downhill from there. Climax is a big letdown. On numerous occasions, the dialogues match real life Rajini’s political ambitions.

Superstar Rajinikanth as Karikaalan aka Kaala has done fantastic work as an actor. He is as usually best in his style and body language and has given vera level goosebumps to his audience. Nana Patekar is terrific in his role as a selfish politician who wants to cash and grow on people and their sufferings. He has given his best for the role. Huma Qureshi is good as Zareena, the love of Kaala in his younger days. Eswari Rao as Swarna, wife of Kaala is superb. She has got best opportunity and shines in the role. Samuthirakani as friend of Kaala is nice. Sampath as Hari Dadha’s man is fine. Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil and some other Hindi actors shine in their limited roles. All other actors has given performance according to their roles.

Songs composed by Santosh Narayan are okay. May be the tunes are spoiled by translated lyrics. Background score he composed works well. Cinematography by Murali is nice and editing is fine. Art department has done a great work. Productions values are apt.

Final verdict of the film is Kaala is a serious revolutionary drama which works in parts. Rajini and Nana Patekar lead from the front and make things interesting for the audience whenever they appear on screen. But the film is a bit slow and takes its own time to enter the main plot.