Bill Cosby wants US Supreme Court to review Dickinson defamation lawsuit

Vastavam web: Disgraced actor-comedian Bill Cosby is preparing to ask the US Supreme Court to review the defamation lawsuit filed by former supermodel Janice Dickinson against him.The legal counsel for the 80-year-old actor, who stands convicted of sexual assault as of April, has submitted an application to justice Anthony Kennedy asking for an extension on their deadline to submit a petition seeking intervention, according to The Hollywood Reporter.As the scandal started to take shape in 2014, Singer told media outlets that the model’s story was “fabricated and is an outrageous defamatory lie.”

Last November, a California appeals court allowed Dickinson to move forward in her defamation lawsuit. In the decision, California associate justice Laurence Rubin rejected Cosby’s assertion that Singer’s letter to media outlets merely conveyed opinion rather than provable facts.”We disagree. As we shall explain, nearly every factor of the totality of the circumstances test points strongly toward the conclusion that a reasonable fact finder could conclude the demand letter states or implies a provably false assertion of fact – specifically, that Cosby did not rape Dickinson, and she is lying when she says that he did,” wrote Rubin.

In Cosby’s application, his lawyer Becky James at Greenberg Gross highlights two of his successes on the defamation front.”The opinion places California First Amendment law in direct conflict with the decisions of two federal courts of appeal,” writes James. Cosby hasn’t yet responded to McKee’s cert petition, but now the Supreme Court will have two opportunities to weigh in on defamation law as it pertains to him.

The actor wants the Supreme Court to reassess this holding. “In the years since Milkovich was decided, lower courts have struggled with its application, often, as here, reaching conflicting outcomes as to virtually identical statements. Commentators have repeatedly noted the unworkability of the distinctions made in Milkovich between actionable and non-actionable statements of opinion.