U.S. Justice Department would appeal ruling that Trump could not block Twitter followers

Vastavam web: The U.S. Justice Department said on Monday that it would appeal a federal judge’s ruling that President Donald Trump may not legally block Twitter users from his account on the social media platform based on their political views, according to a court filing. A lawyer for the seven plaintiffs who sued, Jameel Jaffer, said that the real donald trump account on Monday had unblocked the seven plaintiffs. “We’re pleased that the White House unblocked our clients from the President’s Twitter account but disappointed that the government intends to appeal the district court’s thoughtful and well-supported ruling,” Jaffer said in an email.

Trump has made his Twitter account – with more than 52 million followers – an integral and controversial part of his presidency, using it to promote his agenda, announce policy and attack critics. He has blocked many critics from his account, which prevents them from directly responding to his tweets. Buchwald’s ruling was in response to a First Amendment lawsuit filed against Trump in July 2017 by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University and several Twitter users.

The plaintiffs include Philip Cohen, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland; and Brandon Neely, a Texas police officer. Cohen, who was blocked from Trump’s account last June, wrote on Twitter late Monday: “We whined. We complained. We sued. We won our First Amendment lawsuit in federal court. And now real Donald Trump has unblocked me. Wow!”. Buchwald rejected the argument by Justice Department lawyers that Trump’s own First Amendment rights allowed him to block people with whom he did not wish to interact.