Movie Review: Officer

RATING: 1.75/5

OVERVIEW: Widower Shivaji Rao (Nagarjuna) is a duty-minded, upright cop who comes with both ethics and guts. He is assigned to head a Special Investigation Team to probe into the alleged misdemeanors of top cop Narayan Pasare (debutant Anwar Khan), who comes with the track record of finishing the Underworld in Mumbai.Shivaji’s attempts to implicate Pasare lead to unforeseen consequences. The arrogant top cop extricates himself out of the legal tangle in no time. He then decides to clandestinely float a mafia company of his own.

REVIEW: Nagarjuna has approached the role of a police officer in different way. The characterisation is a bit unique but the novelty wears off after few scenes and Nag looks tired as the tiresome action proceeds on.

Ajay as his colleagues is okay. Myra Sarin’s role is weak and the new actress also doesn’t impress much.Bollywood actor who played the role of Pasari is impressive. Baby Kaavya is very expressive and she is adorable.

Ram Gopal Varma did everything that he has been doing lately. There is little focus on story in spite of having a saleable star like Nagarjuna as the lead. A decent script would have made Officer a watchable fare, but RGV refuses to put some thought into writing. All he does is place the camera in the weirdest possible angles and have fun. His ardent fans might have hoped some sort of a comeback from the genius filmmaker, but RGV misuses a great opportunity given by Nagarjuna.

The film has very low production values that it looks like a rookie’s work in most of the frames. RGV’s films used to have great technical values, but Officer is no better than any of his recent works in terms of technicalities. Music is loud, confusing and out of sync most of the times. Cinematography is bad. Everything about the film is very bad that we just pity the actors for being part of such a dismal film with unforgivably low production values.

Final verdict of the film is Officer is a good script gone wrong kind of a film. RGV’s story idea is interesting but his narration is not that exciting. Weak villain, not so engaging hero-villain moments and lack of drama hamper the flow of the film.Except for Nag’s sincere performance, this film has nothing new to offer.