Movie Review: Abhimanyudu

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: Karunakar ( Vishal) had ran away from home at the age of 12 and joined military as he was ashamed of money lenders who came to home collect debts made by his father . But his angry acts drove the military training commander to send him for anger management psychiatrist and he comes to Latha devi (Samanta ) who advises him to spend a month with family.

Karunakar returns to his native place where he borrows Rs.6 lakhs from a bank on his fathers name since loan is not granted in his name . When he goes to bank to withdraw a total of Rs.10 lakhs including the Rs.six lakh loan amount he realises that some one had already withdrawn the amount.

Karunakar investigates and finds out who had embezzled his bank account and that several others had also lost money that way . Who had stolen Karunakar’s money? Who is white Devil (Arjun) and what is his connection with Karunakar. Visit the screen for all info.

REVIEW: Vishal has been given a role that suits him like a T, and the tall actor performs very well. as the army officer lacking anger control. and in the sequences where he has to express his social anger. and has to speak hardhitting dialogues, Vishal excels sans overacting. Coming on par with him is Action King Arjun with his mighty persona, and as the evil White Devil who has a different and popular identity for the outside world, while he lives the life of a powerful , intelligent and deadly criminal inside, he impresses.

Samantha gets to play a character that helps the proceedings rather than being a typical eye candy, and the gorgeous actress just eases through the role with her act. Veteran Delhi Ganesh offers an interesting supporting performance, and his scenes with Vishal are a treat to watch. The rest of cast is just adequate.

Abhimanyudu is not just any other film that talks about hackers, this one is quite different, mainly because it creates fear inside you when you walk out of the theatre. It is informative. Number of technical terms involved in the narration. The songs are ok. The background score is pulsating and plays an integral part in Abhimanyudu especially during the pre-interval point and during the scenes where Vishal and Arjun meet. The cinmatography by George C Williams is flawless and the editing by Ruban is good.

Final verdict of the film is Abhimanyudu is a new age thriller which works well in the second half. The interesting narration and manner in which cyber crime is done by high-fi criminals holds your attention completely.