Britain will have Brexit policy ready for European Union leaders meeting

Vastavam web: Britain will have a good set of proposals on Brexit policy ready for a meeting of European Union leaders this month, interior minister Sajid Javid said on Sunday, adding that he expected a positive response from Brussels.He rejected a newspaper report saying failure to reach an exit deal with the EU would cause immediate shortages of medicine, fuel and food.

Ireland said on Saturday that May had two weeks to put forward proposals, but her cabinet is divided and EU officials have poured scorn on draft options under discussion in London.Javid said discussions between ministers on agreeing a position were making good progress ahead of the June 28-29 summit.He said the proposals would be in line with previous statements by May, and that a promised white paper policy document would be published in advance of the summit.

The border between British-ruled Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland will be Britain’s only land frontier with the EU after it leaves the bloc. While both sides say they are committed to keeping the border open, finding a practical solution is proving elusive.