SC/STs and minorities are absolutely safe under the Modi government: Abbas Naqvi

Vastavam web:The rights of the backwards, SC/STs and minorities are absolutely safe under the Modi government, Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said here today.Minority Affairs Minister Naqvi also said that there was a war that was on between those working with commitment towards the nation’s progress and those having a feudal mindset . He said such a mindset would be defeated by the Modi government.Hitting out at the opposition parties, the minister said that some out of power people, with a midnight political conspiracy and legacy of corruption , were against the development agenda. Naqvi said the government would not allow such people to succeed.

The statement did not elaborate on his midnight political conspiracy remark, but it comes days after Congress President Rahul Gandhi led a midnight march in the national capital to protest the Kathua and Unnao rape cases.The minister’s comments come in the wake of Dalit organisations, earlier this month, protesting a Supreme Court verdict which they said had diluted some provisions of the SC/ST act.

Naqvi claimed that the government has done record works for the socio-economic-educational development of the weaker sections of the society during the last four years.Security and rights given to SC/STs and minorities in the Constitution of the country will not be allowed to weaken in any manner. Also, the government has taken measures to provide constitutional security to the empowerment of the backward classes, Naqvi said.The government will not allow any disruptive, divisive, undemocratic and anti-development politics to dominate our commitment to inclusive growth, he said.

Naqvi also alleged that the opposition parties were “unable to digest” the nation’s all round progress.Without naming any party or person, he also said that it was the “nefarious design” of some vested interests to create a rift in the country in the name of religion, caste, region and language.Naqvi claimed that some are engaged in a “conspiracy” to disturb the atmosphere of trust and development created by Modi among all sections of the society.