Adira will one day be proud to have working parents says Rani Mukerji

Vastavam web: Rani Mukerji went through the usual anxiety of a mother when she started “Hichki” after Adira’s birth, but the actor is confident that her daughter will one day be proud of her working parents.The actor said more than her, it was her filmmaker husband Aditya Chopra who wanted her to get back to the sets.”The child will soon get used to it. I am sure Adira will understand that both her parents leave home for work. It will be normal and it will be something that she will be proud of.”

In India, many working women leave their jobs after they embrace motherhood but Rani believes things are changing now as fathers are getting more involved in the upbringing of their children.”When we expect that men should go out and work, those men should also be encouraged to participate in the house work. What happens is that they are discouraged from doing it.

“As a director-producer, he understands that I also have a responsibility towards the people who have given me so much love and adoration. Now that I have a new family, I cannot leave my old family behind. I have to stay in touch with my fans. It is a part of me, which I cannot separate from,” she said.The year 2017 saw a major upheaval in terms of women’s movement with a lot of debate surrounding feminism.