Chinese court auctioning skyscraper for price of 553 million yuan

Vastavam web: A Chinese court is auctioning a skyscraper on the country’s largest e-commerce website — with a sky-high starting price of 553 million yuan (USD 84.2 million).The 39-floor building in Taiyuan, northern Shanxi province, along with the land on which it sits, goes on the block January 2 on Taobao, Alibaba’s e-commerce platform.But the project was suspended due to lack of funding after major construction work was completed in 2010, according to a statement by the Shanxi Provincial Higher People’s Court, Xinhua said.

Photos of a dimly-lit underground parking lot and unfinished building interior with dusty floors piled with construction materials were posted by the court on the auction page.Apartment buildings, cars, confiscated jewelry and mobile phones are all being auctioned by authorities on the e- commerce platform.In November, a 28-floor building was put up for auction at a starting price of 219 million yuan by a local court in northeastern Zhejiang province.