Host Maria Menounos shared recovery video from a day after brain surgery

Vastavam web: Host Maria Menounos has shared a recovery video from a day after her brain surgery, marking a six-month anniversary of undergoing the procedure.The 39-year-old presenter had a risky surgery to remove a brain tumour in June and posted the clip in solidarity with those who might be suffering from the same condition.”I’ve received so many messages from people saying that my story has helped them, and on my six-month anniversary I wanted to share this so if you are about to go through this you can see with your own eyes what it can be like,” she wrote alongside the video.

The E! News host said it was easier for her to go through these tough times thanks to her best friend of 26 years, actor Alyssa Wallerce.” She fed me this first meal (broth) It’s a journey and you need help so don’t be afraid to ask for it. Forever grateful to Alyssa and all my amazing friends who helped me through this!” she wrote.