Turkish police detained a dozen activists at anti-Israel demo

Vastavam web: Turkish riot police today detained a dozen activists at a protest in Istanbul denouncing Israel and the United States after Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.Holding banners such as “against imperialism, Zionism and their domestic partners”, the protesters gathered in Kadikoy on the Asian side of Istanbul.Protests by religious conservative Turkish groups against the US move to recognise Jerusalem have proceeded peacefully in Turkey in recent days.
But Istanbul police frequently crack down on leftist anti-government protests.Some conservative Turks have argued it should be turned back into a mosque, a move that would risk an international backlash.”We want the Palestinian people and the Muslim people to find a free Jerusalem. We want the Israeli occupier to leave it. We want to denounce with all our means the unfair decision,” said protester Muzeyfe Altug.urkey’s religiously conservative Saadet (Felicity) Party is also due to hold a mass rally in Istanbul over Jerusalem on today.