Yemen’s government retaken Red Sea town from Huthi insurgents

Vastavam web: Yemen’s government has retaken a Red Sea town from Huthi insurgents, officials said today, days after President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi’s administration ordered troops to advance on the rebel-held capital.The war-torn Arabian Peninsula country has been plunged deeper into turmoil by the killing on Mondayof ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh by the Huthis after his alliance with the Iran-backed insurgents collapsed.The Yemeni capital Sanaa is now largely under the control of the Huthis — northern tribes with links to Iran — after clashes between the rebels and Saleh loyalists erupted last week.
Khokha lies between rebel-held Hodeida and government- controlled Mokha on the Red Sea coast and is central to the expansion of government control over the strategic coastline.The port of Hodeida is the main conduit for UN-supervised deliveries of food and medicine to Yemen, where poverty has been compounded by war and a blockade on ports and airports imposed by the Saudi-led coalition.