EU took Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland over refusal quota

Vastavam web:  The EU took the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to the bloc’s top court today over their refusal to accept quotas for asylum-seekers, setting up a new clash between Brussels and key eastern states.The move shows the determination in Brussels to enforce the controversial scheme launched at the height of the migrant crisis in 2015 to share 160,000 refugees around the bloc and ease the burden on Greece and Italy.Brussels launched so-called infringement proceedings against the three countries in June for failing to take in any refugees under the quota system, and warned them last month of further action.
They face heavy fines for failing to comply with any eventual ruling by the Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice.The ongoing row over the quota scheme has held up efforts to reform the bloc’s asylum system, which leaders are supposed to be discussing at an EU summit in Brussels on December 14- 15.Budapest faced a triple legal whammy from Brussels on Thursday, with the European Commission also taking Hungary to the ECJ over a crackdown on education and foreign-backed civil society groups that critics say targets US billionaire George Soros.
The European Commission the executive arm of the EU said Hungary had repeatedly failed to answer its concerns over both cases.It said in a statement that it was suing Hungary as the education law “disproportionally restricts EU and non-EU universities in their operations and needs to be brought back in line with EU law.”In June, Hungary approved a law aimed at forcing civil society groups receiving more than 24,000 euros ( 26,000) annually in overseas funding to register as a “foreign- supported organisation”, or face closure.
The European Commission said that the laws on foreign non-governmental organisations “indirectly discriminate and disproportionately restrict donations from abroad to civil society organisations.” Last month the ECJ warned Warsaw to stop logging in one of Europe’s last primeval forests “immediately” or face fines of up to 100,000 euros a day.