Rajasekhar is personally a very good man and great actor: Tammareddy

Vastavam web: Everybody knows about the fight between senior hero Rajasekhar and filmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaja.He said that he suffered huge losses with the film ‘Vetagadu’. Rajasekhar responded all these allegations in a recent interview.  He said that Tammareddy didn’t want to pay his remuneration but he recovered the amount by acting strong with him.
Now, its Tammareddy’s turn to respond.  He has spoken about Rajasekhar in a recent interview.  He has changed his stance on Rajasekhar.  He didn’t speak angrily on Rajasekhar like before.Rajasekhar has many good qualities.  He is personally a very good man great actor.There is no other actor like him in Telugu.”  He also revealed that he has congratulated Rajasekhar after watching ‘Garuda Vega’.He went on to say that Rajasekhar helps many people as a doctor if somebody in the industry is ill, he goes there and checks them.
Tammareddy accepted the fact that he has troubled Rajasekhar regarding remuneration but Rajasekhar stopped the release for recovering his remuneration.