Visit of Gnana Saraswathi Devi to America for the first time

Vastavam web: On celebrations of “Vasantha Panchami Mahotsavam” the Committee of Basara Jnana Saraswathi Temple from Telangana is celebrating Abhishekam, Special poojas, Aksharabhyasam and Vadibiyam in Jnana Saraswati Devi temple located in Philadelphia, America.With support of all Telugu Associations in America the celebrations will held from January 20th 2018 at Bharatiya Temple, 1612 County Line Road, Chalfont, PA -18914.

On this occasion the commitee will conduct special poojas and Abhishekam to Basava Gnana Saraswati devi.On part of this they are conducting “Aksharabhasyam” to kids.The full details of the special poojas are mentioned below.It is the first time Jnanasaraswati Devi is coming from Basara to United States, So, every devotee should participate in this celebrations and get divine grace of Godess Jnanasaraswati Devi.