North Korea missile images appeared to show its capable of hitting all America

Vastavam web: Images released by North Korea on Thursday appeared to show it has succeeded in developing a missile capable of delivering a nuclear weapon anywhere in the United States and it could be only two or three tests away from being declared combat ready, U.S.-based experts said on Thursday.U.S.-based experts, some of whom have been sceptical about past North Korean claims to have put all of the United States in range, said data from the latest test and the photos appeared to confirm North Korea has a missile of sufficient power to deliver a nuclear warhead anywhere in America.
Experts and U.S. officials say questions remain about whether it has a re-entry vehicle capable of protecting a nuclear warhead as it speeds toward its target and about the accuracy of its guidance systems.“Initial calculations indicate the new missile could deliver a moderately sized nuclear weapon to any city on the U.S. mainland,” Elleman said.Elleman said the missile was large and powerful enough to carry simple decoys or other countermeasures to challenge U.S. missile defences.”If North Korea does not make high demands on the reliability or accuracy of the missile … two or three more tests would suffice.
“So long as North Korea can hit U.S. cities with thermonuclear warheads, they probably don’t need the ability hit every city they target or target specific aim points within those cities to convince the U.S. leadership that war with North Korea would be too expensive to contemplate.”U.S. based experts said North Korea had almost certainly developed a warhead light enough to be carried by the Hwasong- 15, which Elleman said should be capable of delivering a 1,000 kg payload.