Chinese court handed a death sentence to “master” tomb raider

Vastavam web: A Chinese court has handed a death sentence to a “master” tomb raider from northern China who made a 30-year career out of robbing historical burial sites.A native of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 55- year-old Yao Yuzhong was found guilty of “digging ancient cultural sites and ancient graves” and “reselling cultural relics”, his lawyer, Bi Baosheng, told AFP.Though Yao had only an elementary school education, he was an avid reader and picked up the tradition of trawling tombs from his father, according to local media in northeast Liaoning province, where Yao was tried.
The practice is a timeworn one in China, a country whose long history and elaborate burial customs have made it ripe territory for coffin-crashers.He steadily built a reputation as a “master” tomb-raider — “the best in all of China’s northeast”, the news outlet said.China has seen an upsurge in grave-robbing incidents coinciding with rising demand for Chinese antiquities.