Movie Review: Gulf

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Shiva (Chetan Maddineni), son of a weaver (Nagineedu) in Siricilla district, after watching his friend Raju lead a posh life in Gulf, decides to go to Gulf to make money. He fights in his house and forces his dad to send him to Gulf. On his first flight to Dubai, he happens to meet Lakshmi (Dimple) who too lands there in search of greener pasture and help their families. But Shiva and Lakshmi receive huge shock within minutes of their landing in Dubai. To find out more about it, watch Gulf on screen.

REVIEW: In telling the story of individuals finding an escape from poverty, director P Suneel Kumar Reddy plays up the usual suspects. Yes, some of these elements are there for a reason. A fraudulent broker (played by a Raja-obsessed Posani Krishna Murali), a father (Nagineedu) who is sentimental about his jati’s handloom legacy, an unseen cancer-stricken mother, a pregnant wife waiting for his husband to return from the distant land, etc. These are all necessary for a film like ‘Gulf’. But the way the elements are shown in an over-dramatic manner or in a cliched style is what makes the film a total turn-off.

The basic emotions that all Indians go through when they meet their families after a long time has been dealt in a very emotional manner. Heroine Dimple Hayati is quite impressive in her role and showcases wonderful emotions.

Praveen Immadi came with situational songs most of the time. He attracted with his good background score to make an impact. SV.Sriram elevated the scenes with good camera angles. Samuel Kiran should have concentrated on editing especially in the second half as the pace of the film dipped and many drags crept in.

The dialogues make a mark here and there. The way Thotapalli Madhu says that the real Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is in those poor dormitories is nice. The tragedy of loneliness is brought out through a few good lines.

Suneel Kumar Reddy should have worked on the script to give more powerful message and offer solution to the problems of the immigrants.He should have concentrated even on screenplay and direction to make it more interesting. Production values are good.

Final verdict of the film is Gulf is a very realistic film about the problems that Indians face in the Gulf countries.But some dragged out narration and lack of the depth in the proceedings during the second half make the film get a documentary kind of a feel.