Moview Review: LIE


OVERVIEW: National Investigation Agency is trying to nab a criminal for many years. The agency’s commissioner (Ravi Kishan) comes to know that the criminal Padmanabham (Arjun) is now residing in Las Vegas and that he is expecting a specially stitched suit from Hyderabad.The commissioner sends two agents to trail the courier in the US and nab him. On the other hand, Chaitra’s (Megha Akash) marriage gets called off.When she learns that the travel money for her honeymoon cannot be redeemed, she agrees to share the journey with another guy who is heading to Las Vegas. The guy turns out to be A Sathyam (Nithin). They agree not to tell truth to each other.At the same time, Padmanabham comes to know that NIA has sent two officers to the US to nab him. Who are the officers and how A Sathyam is connected to this whole NIA mission?

REVIEW:  Nithin is superb as Satyam and this role is a makeover for him as an actor. He is good in action sequences, dances and he also looks good and new. Arjun is the biggest asset for the movie and he did superb job in his role and even dominated Nithin at times. Megha Akash is good as Chaithra and she did a fine job as an actor for her role and she looks good. Ravi Kishan is good in his role. Madhu is good in his humorous scenes. All other actors did super fine job for their roles.

Mani Sharma got a chance for a big budget film after many days. He made this picture awestruck with his back ground music.Cinematography of Yuvraj is impressive. He captured all the beauties of America’s location with his amazing lenswork and creativity. He completely added a fresh flavour to the film.

Producers Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta and Anil Sunkara of 14 Reels have given priority to fashion in Lie. They have not compromised in getting the best shots and locations and were successful in bringing new life with rich production values.

Director Raghavapudi needs a special mention as he already carried a “Talented” tag with Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha. He increased the curiosity quotient in Lie with periodic twists. He maintained the suspense of Hero’s link and the major twists of the film till the end. This created much anxiety. At few scenes were in a serious mood and will leave audience a bit bored in the second half. At some occasions he missed some sensible logic too.

One of the biggest minus points of the film is the lack of entertainment. There was a lot of scope to add humor but the director failed to add one. There are many forced tracks in the film. The way comedian Madhu comes into the plot, heroine going to the US with Nithin, all these plots look silly and over the top.

The film takes a lot of time to get into the actual story line and has a roller coaster of a feel. Whenever you think, the film is getting very interesting with scenes featuring Arjun and Nithin, the proceedings drop heavily with heroine’s track and forced scenes. Too many cinematic liberties have been taken by the makers which can catch you off guard.

Final verdict of the film is LIE is a film which has a very interesting plot and even the strongest of support from the lead stars.This may be the best spy thriller for this year and it is a superb ride for those who watch spy thrillers and it will be a confusing ride for normal audience in B & C centres.