It’s the time society realised young gay continue to face stigma: Elton John

Vastavam web: Music icon Elton John says the condition of the LGBTQ community is still far from better as the people still shamed by the society for their sexual orientation.The 70-year-old singer-activist, who himself is a homosexual, says it is time society realized young gay continue to face stigma, reported Grazia magazine.”Tragically it is still (a) shame. Too often LGBT people are tolerated rather than accepted, let alone embraced. “When almost half of all gay, lesbian, bi, and transsexual pupils are bullied at school.
But the “Bennie & The Jets” hitmaker adds things have changed a lot for the gay community in 50 years since sexual acts between two men were decriminalized in England and Wales.”It’s changed out of all recognition. I was 20 when the Sexual Offenses Act partially decriminalized homosexuality.Gay people were spoken of in euphemisms.