I bought a saree in 21 years back: Sudha Murthy

Vastavam web :Sudha Murthy, one of the richest women in India who lives as simple as possible reveals again how she is leading her life. She told that she doesn’t purchase any saree in the past 21 years. The last saree she bought was 21 years ago, before she went to Kashi. What led to this change? “I was in Kashi to take the holy dip, and when you go to Kashi you have to give up something that you enjoy the most. I gave up shopping, particularly sarees, from thereon. I now only buy the essential items,” Murthy told. “I have to say I feel very happy and free,” she added. But, one thing that Murthy and her industrialist husband Narayan Murthy continue to splurge on is – books. The couple loves reading, and their massive collection of over 20,000 books neatly arranged in two libraries, stands testimony to it. But, the philanthropist confesses to detesting the idea of lending her books to anyone, even her husband who she thinks can easily afford to buy them. “I tell my husband, ‘how could writers survive if everybody started borrowing their books?’ We, the authors, want people to buy books.