North Korea missile test prompted the South to speed up US missile defence system

Vastavam web: North Korea’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile test has prompted the South to speed up the deployment of a US missile defence system despite strong protests from China, Seoul’s defence minister said today.The US military will also roll out “strategic assets” to the South following the North’s missile test late Friday, he said.”We will soon start consultations on the tentative deployment” of the remaining components of the THAAD battery in response to Pyongyang’s most recent test, Defence Minister Song Young-Moo told journalists.

The THAAD battery is composed of six interceptor missile launchers. Two launchers have been tentatively deployed at a golf course-turned-US military base in Seongju County, some 300 kilometres south of Seoul.The THAAD deployment has infuriated China, which argues that it will destabilise the region.Song also said the US will send “strategic assets” to the Korean peninsula and the surrounding area, without providing further details.Strategic assets normally refer to high-profile weapons systems, such as stealth bombers and aircraft carriers.