Movie Review : Nibunan

RATING: 3.5/5

OVERVIEW: Nibunan is the 150th film of ‘Action King’ Arjun. One cannot be blamed if he/she expects the movie to be an out-and-out action flick, loaded with ample chase scenes, gun fights and high-octane moments. Instead, Nibunan is a thriller loaded with suspense, mystery, serial murders, sentiments and more. And yes, it has action, too, though not to the extent one expects from someone whose name is synonymous with stylish fights, kicks and punches.

REVIEW: When setting out to make Nibunan, director Arun Vaidyanathan seem to have the plot points clearly laid out. For ardent cinema fans who love great detailing in a movie, this flick is a treat to watch as there is something to look out for in every other scene.Arjun’s 150th film, produced by Passion Studios had definitely left its mark felt for a long time to come. Nibunan is a superb fit for the young looking actor who has done phenomenal justice to the role. Be it a confident cop hunting down the criminal or a friendly teammate with his colleagues, Arjun’s charming looks and presence makes the film enjoyable throughout the run time.

A whodunit, the story gets going when an anonymous box with a mysterious doll and some numbers on it is found at a police station. Dedicated and intelligent cop Ranjith Kalidoss (Arjun) and his assistants Joseph (Prasanna) and Vandana (Varalaxmi) are clueless about the doll. It is a little late when they come to know that the details on the doll are clues conveyed by an unknown murderer. They try to track the murderer, but a couple of more murders happen in a similar fashion, with intriguing modus operandi behind it. They somehow crack things one by one, and at one point, Ranjith discovers who the next victim is going to be. And he has a reason to believe in his theory, which comes as a shock to his assistants and senior officials.

Meanwhile, Ranjith suffers from a disease and it starts taking a toll on his career. His wife (Sruthi Hariharan), daughter, and brother (Vaibhav) are with him to take good care. The murderer follows the movements of Ranjith and team and is on a killing spree, always leaving clue for the next murder. The team finally goes after a case which was closed a few years ago as they find a link between the happenings in the past and present.

Playing a cop is a walk in the park for action king Arjun who breezes through the role with ease. He’s simply mature, handsome and most importantly provides the right level of seriousness throughout the investigation. An equally impressive performance is lent by Prasanna and Varalaxmi. While the former is soft spoken and a deep thinker, the latter shares her ideas openly all the time while being fun whenever the scenes would allow.

Arjun looks stylish and delivered a subtle performance comparing to his previous films. After Nibunan, Sruthi Hariharan might get a lot of offers for the homely upper middle-class wife characters in Tamil. The rest of the actors including Prasanna (looks fit) and Varalakshmi have done a decent job.Arvind Krishna’s cinematography is a big plus for Nibunan whereas music by Navin could’ve been better, especially the background score. Overall, Nibunan is a watchable whodunit thriller with elements to satisfy its target audiences.

Final Verdict of the film is it’s an engaging investigative thriller.

— Panchajanya