Suchitra Krishnamoorthi criticised “aggressive shattering call” for azaan

Vastavam web: After Sonu Nigam’s recent rant against amplified calls for morning prayers, actress-singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi has criticised the “aggressive/ear shattering call” for ‘azaan’, saying she does not need public loudspeakers to remind her of God.Suchitra, 41, called it a case of “imposed religiosity”, describing the use of loudspeakers as “lowlife” and “dumb”,Her Tweets were met with both praise and scorn. While some commended her for talking about the issue, others called her an attention-seeker. When a Twitter user posted that it was good to wake up at ‘Brahma muhurta’ (early morning) according to Hinduism, the actress replied, “I wake up at Brahmamuhurt of my own accord & do my prayers & riyaz & yoga. I don’t need public loudspeakers to remind me of my God or my duty.”When another user reminded her that singer Sonu Nigam had to quit Twitter post his criticism of the ‘azaan’ call which snowballed into a political controversy, Suchitra said, “Well the azaan seems to have gotten louder since his tweet. It’s ridiculous. He tweeted from same location as me.” To further prove her point, Suchitra shared her 2009 personal blog post titled “The 5 am wake up call” in which she had written about being forced to wake up at 5 am because of loud prayer calls from a nearby mosque. Another said, “the fact that she needed to use ‘lowlife’ & ‘dumb’ tells me this is about attention, not discourse.” In her defence, Suchitra said she had used similar words for ‘gaurakshaks’ (cow vigilantes) & beef ban.