Putin ‘bathes in blood extracted from severed deer antlers’ believed to boost health

Vastavam web: Ofcourse, its difficult to believe it but its fact that some VIPs have some different habits. Adimir Putin, the president of Russia is bathing in blood extracted from the severed antlers of Maral deer in an attempt to boost his health, according to extraordinary reports in the Russian media. Ahead of a visit to the Altai Mountains last year, some 70 kilograms of stag antlers were prepared for the Russian leader ‘to take antler baths’, reported a local media outlet.

The ancient tradition is seen as a testosterone-driven elixir to improve male health and potency, and he is said to be taking the blood baths several times a year. Animal rights campaigners have condemned the ‘barbaric’ practice of sawing off the antlers without anaesthetic to extract blood, dubbed a natural type of sexual performance enhancing substance. He consulted maral blood medical expert Alexander Zuykov, according to Expert magazine. There are unconfirmed claims the Kremlin strongman introduced ex-Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi to the practice during a Siberian visit in 2015. One Altai farm – which exports antlers for use in Chinese medicinal cures – stated: ‘Extract from red deer antlers acts as a strong tonic, especially for men’s potency. ‘It strengthens the body’s bones, muscles, teeth, eye sight and hearing, cures pleurisy, pneumonia, asthma, joint pain, osteoporosis, and problems with the spine’. The antlers were called horns of gold in 15th century Russian literature – and are believed to improve sexual performance.