US allowed 15K extra temporary-worker visas

Vastavam web :Amid record-low approval ratings for the Trump administration, the White House launched “Made in America” week on Monday, a public relations blitz meant to refocus the president’s public agenda and re-energize his base. But as President Donald Trump kicked off his U.S. tour showcasing made-in-America products, his administration quietly acted to allow an extra 15,000 visas for temporary workers this year. So-called H2B visas are for non-agricultural guest workers. Landscaping companies, the tourism industry and other seasonal businesses rely on them every year to bring in much-needed cheap labor, especially in the summer months. Though U.S. law caps the annual limit for this type of visa at 66,000, the executive branch routinely authorizes more work permits to help U.S. employers who say they can’t find Americans willing to take on those jobs.