Movie Review: Ninnu Kori

RATING: 3.5/5

OVERVIEW: Uma(Nani) is a PHD student in Vizag who falls in love with Pallavi(Nivetha Thomas). As time passes by, Pallavi too accepts Uma’s love and them as a mature couple decide to only marry each other when Uma settles down in his career.But the twist in the tale arises when Pallavi’s dad(Murali Sharma) suddenly fixes Pallavi’s wedding with Arun(Aadi). Left with no choice, both Uma and Pallavi are forced to break up and Pallavi marries Arun.What will Uma do now? Will he try to win his love all over again? Will he be successful in his love life? That forms the rest of the story?

REVIEW: Needless to say, Nani is a good actor. He reminds movie buffs about this fact every time a new movie hits the screens. Even ‘Ninnu Kori’ is no exception in this case. High confidence levels & maturity in his performance were so endearing to watch. Hats off to the way Nani expressed the pain of a Lover during the post break-up phase.After ‘Gentleman’, Nivetha Thomas yet again proved she can match-up to Nani. The way she emotes with her eyes & wide range expressions speaks volumes about her talent. For Aadi, The role in ‘Ninnu Kori’ is a complete contrast to what he did in ‘Sarrainodu’. He is a revelation in this movie.

First-time director Shiva Nirvana has made a beautiful, poetic love story with good dose of emotion, sentiment. Shiva got everything right. There was no forced scene or dialogue that deviates from the film’s story. The whole film revolves around the three characters – Uma, Pallavi and Arun. Despite a complex plot, the director dealt it subtly. That’s where he has scored points.

Kona Venkat’s writing is one of the big assets for the film. Be the story or screenplay or dialogues, the film is a flawless. Especially, the scenes involving Nani, Nivetha Thomas are picture perfect. They get the film going. Music is yet another asset to the film. Gopi Sundar needs a pat on his back. The emotional depth in the film has been conveyed well by the performances,dialogues and background music.

There’s nothing much to find fault in the film. This is one of the best films of Nani and this is a must watch. It tugs at heartstrings.Story & Characterizations in ‘Ninnu Kori’ are contemporary. Director Siva Nirvana ensured present day Youth connects well with the subject using feel good factor & emotional quotient. These kind of stories can’t be narrated at a fast pace but they will touch the hearts if one can connect to the emotion.

‘Ninnu Kori’ conveys the message that break-up or losing life partner isn’t the end of life. Few comparisons can be drawn between this Nani-starrer and Bollywood flick ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. Strong Lead Characters & Performances of Cast make the movie so enjoyable. Love Track of Nani & Nivetha Thomas in First Half is good. A married woman inviting her ex-lover to house for 10 days stay looks artificial.The film is back on the right track after losing some momentum and these emotional scenes will move the audience. Climax looks pretty convincing & Nani’s performance in the penultimate sequence deserves a special mention.

Final verdict of this film is “Ninnu Kori” is a heart-touching film. An emotional, fun-filled entertainer. Yet another blockbuster for actor Nani.