Indian peacekeepers rescued humanitarian workers in South Sudan

Vastavam web: Indian peacekeepers in South Sudan have rescued more than a dozen humanitarian workers who came under heavy firing from unknown gunmen in a town in the African country.The troops, serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) were alerted about the incident in the South Sudanese town of Pibor in the early hours of Thursday morning, according to information released here.The peacekeepers responded by firing warning shots into the air which caused the two groups of attackers to flee.

It is estimated that about 40 offenders were involved in the incident.The humanitarian workers were successfully evacuated from the compound unharmed as the gunfire continued.They responded quickly by sending a team of peacekeepers who once again forced the offenders to flee.The peacekeeping contingent sent troops to check on other humanitarian compounds in the area and conducted a patrol of the town later that morning.