Jr NTR to create sensation with reality show Big Boss

Vastavam web: Telugu film star Jr NTR will be making his small screen entry as a host with Bigg Boss Telugu. He says that he has not seen Bollywood star Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss show in Hindi as he doesn’t want to be influenced by other people’s work. The show will be launched on July 16.  Tollywood star Jr NTR on Saturday said that the upcoming show Bigg Boss Telugu will be a big learning curve for him as an actor as it will mark his debut as a television host. He also said that he has not watched Bigg Boss shows in Hindi, which has successfully completed 10 seasons with Bollywood star Salman Khan hosting most of the seasons. “A cousin sister of mine is a fan of Bigg Boss and she was very enthusiastic about it. That’s when I first came to know about the show. I have seen a few random episodes but haven’t watched an entire season yet,” he said, answering whether he has seen the Hindi version of the show. “I want to create my own position as a host instead of following someone. If I had seen all the shows in Hindi, it will somehow influence my work. I want to do something fresh and in my own style,” he added. He also added that Bigg Boss show will be made keeping the sensibilities of Telugu audience in the mind. “I feel technology and gadgets are increasingly taking over our lives. This show actually has a huge relevance and is fascinating because it will force a bunch of strangers to live inside a locked house with no gadgets and no access to the outside world, forcing them to forge new relationships,” he said.