Doctors removed 92 needles from his body

Vastavam web: In one of the most bizarre cases that could have come walking into a hospital, a 56-year-old railway employee from Kota arrived with a total of 150 pins inside various parts of his body, including critical places. Doctors found stationery safety pins and hypodermic injection needles piercing even his wind pipe, food pipe, vocal cord and major blood vessels like the cartoid artery. Badri Lal – the ‘Pin Man’ as he is also being called – had to undergo surgery to get them removed, however, only 92 pins have been taken out. Since there is a limit to which body tissues can be subjected to surgeries, only the pins that posed a threat to his life have been taken out, doctors said.

As per the report, no one – not even Badri Lal himself – knows how pins and needles came to be there. Badri and his family deny any knowledge about them, but doctors believe that he suffers from psychiatric issues and had inserted them inside his body over a period of time as tell-tale marks of healed entry points could be seen all over. Badri’s family came to know about the pins after a swelling in his leg gave way to a pus-filled wound revealing a needle protruding from it. An X-Ray unveiled that the entire body was full of them. Due to many complications involved, Badri Lal was denied treatment in 6 different hospitals.