quantum technology to identify fakes in future

Vastavam web: Counterfeit goods could become a thing of the past thanks to a breakthrough in quantum technology that lets you authenticate products using only a smart phone. Researchers at Lancaster University spin-out company Quantam base drew on the ground-breaking discovery of the world’s thinnest material to invent identity tags that can be verified at the atomic level. Everything is unique at an atomic scale, but it’s extremely difficult to zoom into products and identify them this closely. In 2004 this suddenly became possible when two scientists from the University of Manchester made the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of graphene, the world’s first two-dimensional material.

This single layer of graphite is just one-atom thick, and when small changes are made to its atomic makeup they result in big structural deviations that can be visible to the naked eye. These substances can be applied to the surface of a tag on a sports jersey or passport, and the imperfections can then be unlocked just by using a smart phone.