542lbs obese woman says she wants to create world record with big 99 inches hip

Vastavam web: Bobbi-Jo Westley, 43, from Pennsylvania, weighs 542lbs and has 95-inch hips and she makes $2,000-an-hour conducting erotic sessions for online admirers. Married internet star says she won’t stop eating until she has 99-inch hips. Biggest hips record is currently held by Mikel Ruffinelli, who lives in Los Angeles. A morbidly obese woman who weighs 542lbs (38.7 stone) has said she’s ignoring warnings by doctors over her size in a bid to lay claim to having the world’s biggest hips. Bobbi-Jo Westley, from York, Pennsylvania, currently measures at 95 inches around her thighs but says she’s hoping to eclipse the 99-inch record currently held by LA-based Mikel Ruffinelli since 2013.Her quest is being wholly supported by her fans online, for whom she poses naked, and while she admits she’s scared of dying, she says her unhealthy pursuit is ‘just something I have to do’.